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How to move whatsapp to sd card without rooting!

During installation of WhatsApp, it installs in smartphone’s internal storage via default. And it does not deliver any option to move it to SD card. Even WhatsApp’s
respectable web page says that it may not be achieved.
however it can done, and i can show you the way. Read this technique  and you will be capable to move  WhatsApp to SD card.

The best part of this technique is that  you don’t want to root your Android smartphone.
Ensure you have following software program hooked up on your machine earlier than machine:

*Get latest version of Android SDK and extract it.

*install Google USB drivers on your smartphone if you are going to continue on a windows-based system.

In lots of cases, your smartphone may automatically download drivers when you connect it to  your computer.
i have examined this trick on windows system with a reasonably-priced Android device; those that typically have low internal storage and feature a real want to move WhatsApp to SD card.

Important : we can be tinkering with a number of the internal settings. So, proceed at your very own risk.

Steps To Move WhatsApp to SD Card Without Rooting:

1.Connect your Android phone to PC without enabling USB Storage mode. Instead of it, you need to enable the USB debugging mode. You can do it by Settings>Applications>Development.

2.Go to the location where you have extracted the Android SDK. Under this folder, look for that folder which contains “adb.exe” file.
Execute this file in command prompt (Type “cmd” in Windows search). To execute the file, either type the exact path and hit Enter key, or simply drag and drop exe file to cmd prompt.

3.Run command devices –l to check whether your device is connected or not. If yes, then you will see info as shown in screenshot below. The device name will vary as per your device.

4.Now, run command adb shell. If you are using a Mac or Linux and receiving a message “cannot find file” then run command ./adb shell .
After this, run command pm set-install-location 2 . If this command does not works, then you can try this command: pm setInstallLocation 2

5.Now enter exit to finish the process.

Go to your phone’s Settings menu followed by the option where all your apps are displayed. Tap on WhatsApp, and voila, the option for “Move to SD Card” will be enabled for WhatsApp. Tap on it and you have moved WhatsApp to SD card.

If you would like to revert back to default settings, then follow same steps and run command pm set-install-location 0 .

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