Saturday, 5 November 2016

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How to use whatsapp as a search engine!!!!

WhatsApp just got an intense contender that is Google Allo. Be that as it may, WhatsApp is as yet commanding the market and why not? It's anything but difficult to utilize, has an unmistakable esteem suggestion as a text stage. It is stacked with parcel's of incredible components for sight and sound and gathering correspondences and the most critical part is WhatsApp is free.
Today we will talk about one of the WhatsApp highlights that are still not known to numerous. Do you know you can utilize WhatsApp as a web crawler? WhatsApp will indicate you everything like Google does that is too in its informing application itself. In this manner, we will share a strategy that will permit you to utilize WhatsApp as Search Engine.

How to activate whatsapp search engine?

step 1: create a contact with the name "search engine" and add this number  "8015984514"

step 2: Now open whatsapp  and create a new group with the name "search engine".

step 3: Add the newly created contact (named "search engine") to the group.

step 4: Once the group has been created you whatsapp search engine is ready to be used,you will recieve a message which will guide you how to use the search engine.

That is it you are done! Presently you simply need to scan for your inquiries in the Group itself basically enter the message "search"(Your Topic) and afterward hit the send button.

Important tips:

  • If you need to get Wikipedia data, search Wiki SEARCHTERM and send to the group. 
  • To join the English news channel, you have to search +NEWS and send it to the group (unsubscribe whenever by sending - NEWS ) 
  • You can know the meaning of a word by sending +DICT WORD to the group. 
  • You can join Football or Cricket channel by sending +CRICKET or +FOOTBALL to the group. 
  • In the event that you need to play a GK test, just send +GK to the group.
This is the means by which you can make a WhatsApp group and utilize it as WhatsApp search engine. This will be extremely useful on the off chance that you are searching for a web crawler in your portable application.If you are facing any issue at any means talked about beneath ask us in the comment area underneath. hope you like the article! share  to your friends as well.


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