Friday, 2 December 2016


Download Facebook videos without using any tools!

Downloading Facebook videos is found  as an impossible or difficult task by most of the users. But actually it's not that hard.

However there are no download options in the Facebook app or website yet.

Although  there is a "save video " option in the Facebook app,it is just cloud download,that is,you are not saving those videos in to your device.(just like the offline feature in Youtube, you will be able to watch those videos offline)

Most of the android users might be using Facebook lite app to download Facebook videos since it automatically downloads the particular videos before you could watch them.

But what if you want to download videos and save it in your PC?

Or what if you  don't want to install some junk apps on your smartphone just to download videos from Facebook?

In this article I'm gonna give you the perfect solutions for the above situations.

Here You will get to know the most simple method to download  Facebook videos to your smartphone and also two ultimate tricks to do  the same in your PC.

So let's see how it works:

How to download Facebook videos without any apps in your smartphone:

Well we cannot use the Facebook app for this purpose.We will be using chrome browser in which the trick works perfectly.You will be surprised to know how easily it is done.So read the stepwise procedure below to download and save videos from Facebook to your smartphone.

Step 1: Firstly,login to your Facebook account using chrome browser.

Step 2: Now play the video that you want to download.

Step 3:Long press on the video and you will see the option "save video".

Step 4;Click on the "save video " option and your video download will be started and it will
 be saved to the "downloads" folder in the internal memory of your device.

I can assure you that this "save video" option is not like the one in the Facebook app.The video will be downloaded and saved to your storage.This trick was tested several times on a number of devices and it is 100% working. 

How to download Facebook videos without any tools in your PC:

In both the methods we will be doing some changes on the URLs of the videos that you want to download.These methods can be used to download or save any Facebook videos you like(No limit in size).

Method 1:

Step 1: Login to your account (use any browser) and select the video that you want to download.

Step 2: Right click on the video and select show video URL and copy the given URL.

Step 3: Now open new tab and type the address :
  "video  id".Replace the "video id" with the id of the video you just copied.
             For example:

Step 4: Open this address in the new tab  and you can see the video being played . In some cases it will start downloading the video.If not, just right click on  the video and select save video.
   The video will be downloaded and saved to your download folder.

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Method 2:

This method might be familiar to some of you.In this method we will be changing the URL inside the Facebook website itself.

We will be changing the desktop version to the mobile version to download the videos.The procedure is as follows:

Step 1:Login to your Facebook account using any browser in your system.

Step 2: Find a video that you want to download.

Step 3: Change the URL from

            For example,the URL of the above video is:

             Change it to:

Step 4: Now you will be able to see the mobile version.

Just right click on the video and you will see several options including "save video as.." .Click on it and  download it to your desired location using the download manager

So above are the different methods to download Facebook videos to your smartphone and PC.All of the above methods were found working without any trouble.But if you find any difficulties using these methods don't hesitate to use the comment box below.

If you need more information related to this topic or if you have better ideas,contact us right away.


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