Sunday, 22 January 2017

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How to find if someone has saved your contact through whatsapp?!!

Hey guys,today I would like to share an unknown Whatsapp trick.
It's easy to identify whether you are blocked by someone in Whatsapp.

But Whatsapp also provides a feature to know whether a particular contact in your account has saved your number.We can check this by using a feature called broadcast

.I think many of you will be unaware of this feature.Just read the following explanation about it.

The Broadcast list feature:

Quoted from Whatsapp website:

A Broadcast List allows you to create,save and message a list of contacts instantaneously.Recipients receive your Broadcast message like a regular message,that is in the individual chat.Recipients also do not know who else received the message and do not know it was send as a part of Broadcast list.

When they respond ,they respond to you individually,In this sense it works like a bcc function in an email.

in order for specific contacts to receive your Broadcast message , they must have your phone number saved in their address book. 

We are utilizing this feature to find whether a particular person has saved your number in whatsapp. This is a very simple task,you may find it difficult while reading the procedure .It may be because of my presentation,but I can assure you this is a very easy task .
So let's see how it's done:

Step 1:

Open whatsapp and select New Broadcast . You will find it under the menu option at the top right corner.

Step 2:

You will need the help of a third person to do this step.Here I am using my friend's Whatsapp account to demonstrate this trick.Just make sure that the friend who is helping you has saved your contact in his address book.

After pressing New broadcast you will have to add members to the new Broadcast list.There should be minimum 2 members in a Broadcast list.So add the person who you want check  and also add your friend's number.Then create the Broadcast list.

Step 3:

Now go to chats and you will see the Broadcast list.

Open it and send a message ,like a joke or a greeting .If the person has saved your contact , he will receive this message ,so be careful with whatever you are sending.

Step 4:

In this step we are going to identify whether your targeted person has saved your contact.Make sure not to turn on mobile data on your friend's phone and that your targeted person is online .

Now go to Broadcast and check the message you just send.If there is a double tick mark or a blue tick mark on it ,then your targeted person has saved your contact in their address book.

How this work: As our helper friend has not turned on the mobile data there is no way that the message will be delivered to him or read by him.So it's the targeted person who has read it and he/she  has saved your contact.

If you are not sure that the person is online ,

Long press on the message you have send to the Broadcast group and tap on the info button.
If your targeted person has not saved your contact then it will show as in the screenshot below.

Delivered to: 1 remaining.

Read by: 1 remaining .

What does this mean? That is, the message has to be delivered to 1 more person. Since your friend has saved your contact and has not turned on the mobile data he is the remaining person for sure.
As your targeted person has not saved  your contact ,he/she will not be counted at all.

That's how we find if someone has saved our contact.

This is 100% working trick and I have tried it several times on both situations(when the person was online and offline).

If you find any difficulties understanding or implementing this trick, please utilize the comment box right away.

Hope you find this trick interesting.Stay connected with us for similar tricks.


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  1. Hmm this could be clever. But what will happen if the person has not saved my number He will not recieve the message at all? Wondering