Thursday, 20 April 2017

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How to automatically shutdown your system at a specific time!

Hey guys, today we are going to show you how to automatically shutdown your PC at a given time or after a particular time . There are 2 methods available for this purpose. Both of them were tested on windows 10 and was found working.As windows is one of the  conventional operating systems and consists of large families of soft wares available ,we decided to show it on windows.So without wasting much time , let's see how it's done:

Method 1:

This is the easier method to automatically shutdown your windows PC.Follow the given procedures.

Step 1:

Open Notepad from start menu .Copy the below  code and paste it in Notepad.
 shutdown -s -t 60 

Step 2:

In the given code 60 represents the time after which the system should shut down . It is represented in seconds. That is , in this case your system will shut down in 60 seconds. You can change it according to your need. For example, to shut down after one hour ,the code will be  shutdown -s -t 3600

Step 3:

Now save the file in desktop itself with filename as techdecoder.bat . You can give any name but
.bat should be given at the end(see the picture) .

Step 4:

After saving the file , open it once again from the desktop . A warning will appear as in the picture saying that the system will shut down in given time . 

So that's the first method to automatically shut down your PC. Please try it and tell us what you think through comment box.
Any way this trick allows users to shut down their systems after a given time only. But what if you want to shut it down at specific time. Like the system should shut down at 10 :30 pm everyday ,this is possible through the next trick , so keep reading.

Method 2: Using task scheduler

This method is done using the task scheduler, which is available on all windows systems .So carefully follow the given steps to shut down your PC at a specific time.

Step 1:

Click on start menu and search for Task scheduler. Open it and click on Create basic Task.

Step 2:

Provide the name and description of the task. Make sure that the name and description is meaningful and easy to remember. In this example , give the name as shutdown and description as Code to shut Down PC.
Then press  next.

Step 3:

On the trigger screen, choose daily [or select according to your need, if you want to test this one time then select once] and press next button.

Step 4:

On the action screen choose start a program and type the following:


In the Add arguments field type /s which means shut down.

In the summary screen, make sure all the settings are correct and click on finish button to save the task.

This way you can schedule the shut down time of your computer.Do try this trick and pass it on to your friends  

If you are having any doubts regarding these methods , kindly use the comment box.


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